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Aspire One AOD250

Acer-One-AOD250-netbookWith the release of Wndows 7, Acer came out with a thinner and lighter netbook, the Acer One AOD250. It’s thinner at less than 1″ thick. And lighter at approximately 2.5 lbs. Most advertisements for netbooks claim 3 lbs. So a redesign was definitely done for the Acer One AOD250. Color choices include black, red, blue, and white.

Popular models of the Acer AOD250 netbook comes with Windows 7 starter. But it can easily upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium.

The specs for the Acer One AOD250 is pretty typical for netbooks: 1.6GHz CPU, 1G RAM, 160 GB HD, 10.1″ screen. RAM and hard drive are upgradeable.


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