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Netbooks with HDMI Port

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So… You probably watched a video or a movie on your netbook thinking it would be nicer to watch on a bigger screen. Also there is a overheating problem with netbooks and smaller laptops caused by so many components that create heat in such a small space. With a very small or non at all (on older netbooks) ventilator/fan. Well any of that is not a problem any more since the hdmi port was created.

HDMI is short for High-Definition Multimedia Interface and connects digital audio and video sources, such as DVD players, HD DVD players, Blu-Ray Disc players or PCs to compatible digital audio devices, computer monitors, tablet computers and digital televisions. If we are talking about HDMI output on netbooks, this allows you to connect your device to an HD TV in order to play HD content on the respective device.

netbooks with hdmi video output port

Yes, it gives you the ability to play media files from your netbooks hard drive on your big screen tv.

To do that you will need a netbook with hdmi, hdmi cable and a tv that supports hdmi (with hdmi port). How to know if your netbook or tv has hdmi port? That’s not so hard, you can either google device’s name or check for the port little thinner and wider than usb. In most of the cases it should say hdmi below or above it. While netbooks are great devices if you look for extra portability on a cheap gadget, when it comes to HD playback these have great problems. There are very few 10-inch netbooks right now that allow HD playback and there are even less netbooks that are capable of playing Full HD content flawlessly in terms of both image and sound. If you want to buy a netbook capable of playing hd content be sure that it has at least 1.2 dual core processor and 1280*720 (720p hd) screen resolution. If you’re on a budget don’t even dream about full hd (1080p, 1920*1080).

So in conclusion… If you are looking for HDMI output on netbooks right now, you have to think hard about what you want and what you need. If you are willing to sacrifice a bit in terms of performances, netbook with hdmi is your choice.

On the other hand, if you want flawless HD video playing  and some extra performance, you have two options right now . Either you go for a 11.6 or 12-inch mini laptops, either you give it more time and you wait for other computer producers to get their hands on the new Intel Atom processors that seem to do a better job when it comes to high-definition video and audio.

Here are some netbooks with hdmi outputs you might want to check out:

  • Acer Aspire AS1410-2285
  • Asus Eee PC 1215T
  • HP DM1z
  • Toshiba T215D-S1150

Hopefully I made a you few things clearer in this article and gave you some basic understanding about hdmi and netbooks with hdmi.


Acer Aspire One Laptop Netbook AMD C60 1.00Ghz 60G SSD 4GB RAM HDMI WINDOWs 10

Acer Aspire One Laptop Netbook AMD C60 1.00Ghz 60G SSD  4GB RAM HDMI WINDOWs 10
Current price:
Ends in:
14d 19h 58m
Seller: eBay

Acer Aspire One A0722 Laptop Netbook AMD C60 1.00Ghz 320GB HD 2GB RAM HDMI

Acer Aspire One A0722 Laptop Netbook AMD C60 1.00Ghz 320GB HD 2GB RAM HDMI
Current price:
Ends in:
15d 2h 25m
Seller: eBay

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