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7 inch netbook

Wireless Sylvania 7″ Netbook

sylvania-7-inch-netbookThe Sylvania 7 inch netbook is receiving terrible reviews. Much of the complaints point to its use of Windows CE and the shortcomings associated with that particular operating system. These negative feedback includes slow websurfing (when compared to other netbooks), inability to add some 3rd party apps, confused navigational instructions, and so forth.

Video Review of the Sylvania 7″ Netbook

Might as well check out other netbooks for under $100, if price, not small-size, is an important factor for you.

One thing I do believe, as an avid user of a netbook myself, is that the sweet spot for price and benefits are netbooks for around or under $300.

But there are some who put the Sylvania 7-in Netbook in perspective. They first point out that most netbooks, such as the 10.1″ screen Acer AO532H and the 8.9″ screen Dell Mini 9, ship with Windows 7 starter or Windows XP. Consumers are already familiar with these two operating systems. Although published by Microsoft, Windows CE is a much different animal. It is trimmed down and designed for embedding into electronic components. It is implemented on the Sylvania 7 inch Netbook to drive the price down. In this troubled economy, a substantial amount of users could use any price cut.

So what can you do with this particular Sylvania netbook? You can surf the Internet. It is wireless ready with Wifi 802.11 b/g connectivity. You can stream and watch videos in its 7″ high res screen (800 x 480 pixels). Access email, Facebook, blog, and so on.

You get what you pay for. The Sylvania 7 inch Netbook is in the range of $150 – $160 and definitely under $200. But it’s not as robust or comfortable as the netbooks you get for $300.


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