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10.1 inch screen

Netbooks Currently Listed at or below $300

Netbooks with 10.1 inch screen for less than $300The point of a netbook is net access for a rather low-cost price (typically below $400 or less) at the expense of top-notch hardware such as Blu-ray player or kickass graphics card or even smaller window screens. However, you can definitely find older laptops selling at much less expensive price unlike when they were first hitting the market and they make a decent netbook with “more hardware” for the price. That is because these were not supposed to be just netbooks when to start with.

Girl working on netbook
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Still, it helps to establish some workable standards when it comes to buying a netbook. I believe that netbooks should be used for actual work, such as writing articles, minor graphics work, spreadsheet calculation, etc, although work was not the original intention behind the product. The bigger the screen, the better for your productivity. Two sizes seem to dominate the scene. Netbooks with 10.1″ screens are sufficient and plenty are available for less than $300. For disclosure’s sake, I opted for a netbook with 11.6″ screen. Small screens are for web surfing, Facebook, and gaming. Might as well get an iPad or a tablet. Or use your iPhone.


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