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Great Netbooks Currently Listed at or below $300

Netbooks Win 7 under $300The design for a netbook is web-based computing for a really bargain price (usually within $400 or less) at the expense of top-notch components such as Blu-ray drive or latest graphics card or simply smaller window screens. Nonetheless, you should find older notebooks being offered at much reduced price compared to when they were new in the market and they make a fair netbook with “alot more hardware” for the price. That is because these were not meant to be simply just netbooks when first offered.

Source: Flickr – Librarian by Day

One of the things you should consider when buying a netbook is to get the ones with Windows 7 installed. Whether it’s the starter, home premium, or professional package, it is better to get a netbook with Windows already installed. Now, I’m not a Microsoft fanboy, but face it, Windows is the most popular OS out there and Win 7 is the latest incarnation. Windows XP, though an excellent product, will no longer be supported after a certain year, 2014, I believe. And Vista just plain sucks.

If you’re a typical consumer, i.e. not technical, you’ll have questions about your PC somewhere down the line. And since many people uses Windows, you’ll have a better chance of getting answers, not necessarily by Microsoft or any professional customer service, but your classmate, co-worker, or the person next to you at Starbucks. The probability of getting help goes down if you’re using a different OS like Linux or, at this time, Android.


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